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Sonny | Fruitling Vinyl Sticker // sunny side up original

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Hi, I’m Sonny! 🍊

In a vibrant orchard, a groundbreaking phenomenon sprouted—the Fruitlings. Sonny, a lively clementine, stood as the inaugural member of this sweet community. Nestled among emerald leaves, he eagerly awaited the arrival of his fruity companions. Each Fruitling possessed a unique flavor, fostering a diverse orchard family. As sunlight painted the orchard in warm hues, whispers of anticipation rustled through the branches. The air buzzed with excitement, promising a harvest of friendship and flavor. Sonny's zest for life embodied the essence of this newfound fruity fellowship, ready to transform the orchard into a symphony of tastes and companionship.

Sonny is the first of his kind, be sure to stick around and meet his friends.

3” Vinyl Sticker // weatherproof, waterproof, high quality
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