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🌼 free worldwide shipping on orders $150+ 🌼

all about sunny side up


Sunny Side Up is a stationery store located in the middle of the Saskatchewan Prairies; we bring together fun & functional products from designers and small shops from Canada and around the world to brighten up your desk, home office, kitchen table or wherever you work from.

Chapter 1. the dream

Honestly, it didn't start with stationery. I attribute this venture to my initial desire to open a 'bakery & books' store-front. It quickly evolved into a full-fledged stationery store vision! I left my full-time job in 2021 to focus on my mental health, and eventually was able to feed this dream enormous amounts of love.

Chapter 2. doing the hard work

For the last 4-5 years, I sincerley struggled with the foundation of my life. I used art, intentional journaling, therapy sessions, meditation, and medication to support me. I'm not saying it's the end of the struggle or that there won't be more hard work, but I am glad I focused on my mental health when I did.

Chapter 3. tending to your mind

We must tend to our minds, our inner voice, and our ever-changing needs; and find the courage to be present. It's so important to prioritize and place value on your mind. It's where you live, it's the heart of 'you'. Find a way to express your feelings, thoughts, dreams, fantasies, and child-like wonder...

Chapter 4. just start

This is an exercise all on it's own! Fighting past the perfectionist mentality of "I need to have this before I can do it". Do you have a pen? Do you have a paper? Then let's get started. Head to Pinterest and search "journal prompts" - this is an easy way to begin. Otherwise, use the guided gratitude journal. Gratitude journaling helps change our perspective and grows our confidence!

Chapter 5. sunny side up stationery co.

Sunny Side Up is a doorway for those who want to walk through it into very intentional self-reflection to find the buried treasure in their heart by creating; journaling, painting, drawing, decorating, wherever your heart needs to go.


I am happy with the direction I have taken with Sunny Side Up; however, this doesn't mean it will always stay this way. I have so many ideas that are continually evolving and getting nurtured. For now, I am eager to share this passion and see others start their creative journey. Tomorrow, it might be about prioritizing Art by Danitra. The next day? Well maybe it's time to combine the two and start a whole new journey.