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🌷 free shipping across Canada on orders $150+🌷

Plastic Clear Sticky Notes for Revision & Notetaking // Translucent Sticky Note // Transparent Sticky Note

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These transparent sticky notes are the perfect study companion.

If you ever wanted to annotate a book but were unable to due to it not being yours or you wanting to sell it afterwards, they are perfect for you!

Simply stick them over the area you want to annotate and write or highlight, and then when your finished simple pull them of the paper, without damaging the actual book!

Also as they are plastic they are water resistant, so no matter how much tea, water or coffee you spill they won't get damaged.

Available in 6 different colours, perfect to colour code your annotations.

OIL PEN / GEL PEN is NOT recommended to use. They won't dry on the self-stick notes.

50 mm x 50 mm
50 sticky notes per set

Color: Dark Blue